Friday, 6 January 2017

New Year, New Me + All That.

How can I make the most out of university life this semester? 

Today I took my sister into Falmouth as she is leaving tomorrow and I wanted her to see the final part of my uni experience, which is going into town and to the local beach. It was really lovely and as I write this she is next to me doing her art work in the scanning suite in the Photography Institute. But it's making me think a lot about what I am going to do with myself once she leaves.

The first semester was a mess. I enjoyed it get don't get me wrong but in month one I was homesick and just wanted to go back home, month two I came to the apparent realisation that I was studying the completely wrong subject (I now feel otherwise), and by month three I was stressing out so much about deadlines I couldn't really panic about anything else. 

So in a cliche beginning of January kind of way I want to things to change. Where resolutions are concerned I first want to get fitter. Ideally I would love to get into the habit of going jogging early in the morning but I have genuinely never done that and really don't know if I could commit to it. However in general I want to go out on more walks and generally do things everyday that get me out of the flat and moving. As I live in a beautiful place and didn't manage my time as well I could have last term to enable me to see even more of it. 

My big resolution however is to get more organised. I have received a proper academic diary off of my parents for christmas (definite hint from them there) and really want to get into the habit of using it to plan my days and organise myself with deadlines. I also want to make sure I do more stuff with the societies I am in this year, fit in lots of guest lectures, keep on track with my art history course and also do lots as a student ambassador and mentor. I feel like I could spend the next hour talking about what I want to do with my course and life in general this year but you get the picture. I want to do lots of things. 

I think the main obstacle is going to be feeling stressed and also not managing my time well enough. But these first few weeks are going to give me room to breath and allow me to ease back into my studies gently, so I definitely have time to start getting organised. Start as you mean to go on as they say.

I hope your new years are starting out well and you are looking forward to the future and making the most out of it. Till next time. 

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Arriving Back in Falmouth.

A Fresh Perspective

On Monday I finally arrived back on campus for a new semester here at university. This is my second semester so saying goodbye to my friends and family was a little easier, as I now know what to expect out of life at uni now. This time I have also brought my sister Stef down for the week so it was more exciting in a way than sad leaving Sheffield because I have been looking forward to showing her where I live. 

Yesterday I finally finished up with my inductions and a presentation I had to give for the week so I was free to take Stef wherever. I chose the two reservoirs near campus as I only had the latter half of the day free. It is really nice having Stef here, especially seeing her get excited about where I live and the resources I have here. Which as she is an artist she is making lots of use out of, in particular the scanning suite in the photography institute which I am having to take her to every evening. 

I want to do a separate post about new years resolutions and such but I wanted to briefly say how much I feel my perspective on the whole university situation has changed this year. I finally know what I'm up against stress wise and really feel ready to get organised with it all and make uni life work for me.