Friday, 30 December 2016

Winter In Derbyshire.

It has been so lovely to be back in Sheffield with my family these past few weeks and one weekend we decided to go out into Derbyshire walking. We explored the Hartington Dales and went to the raised coral atoll you see as you drive towards Hartington from Buxton. Being able to get to places like this so easily by car from Sheffield makes me feel very lucky to live in this area. 

On Monday I am going back down to Falmouth and my sister is coming with me for a week! I am sad to be leaving my family again so soon but I am looking forward to showing my sister where I live in term time because it really is beautiful down there. I am also looking forward to a New Year as I really feel like starting fresh with a lot of things. I want to become a lot more organised and for my confidence to grow. 

Happy New Year!