Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Trying New Things.

Trip to Godrevy Seal Colony with the Ecological Society

Walk at College Reservoir with the Expedition Society

Moth Trapping with the Ecological Society

Beach Cleanup

Freshers week started for me on the 12th of September and it really was a hectic week. If you've read any of my past posts you may know that I get anxiety about certain kinds of social situations and a big thing that I struggle with which doesn't really bother me anyway to be honest is going out drinking. So freshers week for me wasn't as predictable as you maybe would assume and it really scared me for my first few days because I was convinced that everyone around me would be drinking and going out constantly in the evenings. My first two days were mostly spent in my bedroom and I would pop out to run the occasional errand. However on the second night I found a freshers events list for my university and was shocked to see that the events weren't just parties, and there was in fact lots of other things for me to do during the day, in particular with societies.

I had barely spoken to anyone in my first day or so and it was really scary going to the first event which was a walk with the Expedition Society to a small village called Flushing. But straight away I was completely put at ease. It became apparent to me that everyone is in the same boat and everyone came out for a lovely walk of course but also to meet people. It was such a lovely afternoon and it just gave me so much reassurance that I wouldn't have to do this uni thing all by myself or in my bedroom for that matter. 

So I continued trying new things. Ok I have definitely been on a walk before but being in a society is alien to me and it's been a very long time since I have been in a club of any kind, so I continued my week doing different tasters and events to maybe discover a new interest of mine and to help me find my place more at uni. It meant I would be kept busy instead of getting worked up about finances or missing my family and I also would come back to my flat in the evenings feeling like I have made good use of my day. 

Two weeks later and I have signed up to four societies and cannot wait to do lots of different things in my spare time with them. I know not all of you reading this will be at uni or even thinking about university life, however if there's one thing I learnt in my first week that I want to share it's that there is so much more to do and see wherever you live, and it really is special to be a part of something that is something extra alongside your main focus. 

Is there anything you do in your spare time that I should try? Have you been to University and been in societies yourself?

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Boat Trip To St. Mawes + Starting University!

It has been over a two weeks now since I moved into my accommodation and started attending university. So in today's post I thought I'd talk about how I'm finding university so far and I also wanted to share some photographs from a boat trip my class took last week to a village called St. Mawes. Which is a pretty little fishing village on the Roseland Peninsula here in Cornwall and is just across the estuary from Falmouth and Penryn which happen to be my home for the semester.

University so far is a crazy mixed bag and honestly it hasn't really sunk in yet that this is where I'm going to be for the next few months. It's still really exciting knowing that I'm finally starting my degree and living independently but both are equally scary and fresher's flu and homesickness definitely caught up with me in my second week. But I am now into my third week here and finally the mess of emotions and stresses in my head are starting to have some clarity to them, and I feel as though I am starting to adapt to my new environment.

In case you were wondering I am studying Press and Editorial Photography (BA) here at Falmouth University which was my first choice and my dream course and university that I had in mind, when doing my vast amount of research and uni visits in the year prior to my application. I chose the course because it is full of opportunities and resources to help me progress in working in the areas of photography I am most interested in. It's full on approach shall we saying to real life working practices which admittedly is already stressing me out a bit, is something I felt would really be beneficial in building my confidence which is something I don't have a lot of with my work even now. However I have to say I am still glad I chose this course and my hard work last year paid off. I have never felt like I have so many opportunities and resources and right now I'm not even sure where to start with it all but I'll get there.

For my first year I am living in halls and it is definitely shaping up to be an experience already. I'm learning not to get attached to anything I have put into our shared kitchen and to coexist with the amount of dirty dishes some of my flatmates leave around the place. I have also found that I am far more domesticated than most people and just how different people can be to be honest. I am finding that university is really good for meeting lots of different, interesting people and I guess it helps you be more tolerant of them as well especially if you don't get on with some of your flat mates, which so far mine are all fine.. phew. 

So that's all for this little update. I promise you I have other things to blog about I am just getting sorted with everything right now but I definitely don't want to neglect this space for much longer. Lets try aiming for at least one post a week and see what happens.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Saying Goodbye.

The title of this post is possibly one of the most ironic I will ever write, as I make my return from a very long blogging hiatus which I can only apologise for. The past year has been crazy busy for me with applying for and getting into University, working 24 hours a week up until the middle of August and of course finally finishing college! Blogging unfortunately was pushed aside and admittedly I did draft a lot of posts but I really felt distanced from the content I used to create and it just didn't feel right posting any of them, as I really started to question the kind of content I want to create here. 

So what am I saying goodbye to? Well for a start you may have noticed that I have changed the name of my blog. I created Emmihearts back in 2013 and initially it was 100% a beauty blog and talking about beauty products like some of my favourite Bloggers and Youtubers at the time, really got me through some of my worst years at college. However now in September 2016 I find myself starting a Press and Editorial Photography degree at Falmouth University, 7 hours away from home back in Sheffield, and my interests are very different. Blogging was amazing for me because it allowed me to really discover my passion for photography and also writing which admittedly I could get a lot better at. 

So welcome to Emily and Her Camera! I still don't know how I feel about the name so watch this space, but the focus of my content now is really simple. I will be posting my photography and writing to share what I'm loving, what I'm up to and any advice I have for you which will most likely be university and lifestyle focused. 

I will go into what I'm studying and how I'm settling in at uni in another post but for now I just wanted to update you all and share some photos that I took with my family on the day I moved into my uni accommodation and said goodbye to them. Being in Cornwall meant we could have a beach day before heading up to my accommodation and getting everything sorted. It was definitely one of those bitter sweet situations as a hard goodbye was looming over us. I am so close with my immediate family as I have one slightly older sister and we do not live very close to our other relatives. We have moved quite a lot since my childhood but I have never moved away from them. A lot of people have been puzzled by why I have moved so far away to do my degree but for me it was about giving myself the best opportunity possible, which I feel I have done by picking this course at this university. Saying goodbye for three months sucks like nothing else and I cried so much on my first night. But you've got to look at the positives and there are definitely plenty of those around .

I hope you are all well and have had an amazing summer!