Thursday, 22 October 2015

My Creative Space. 1.0

For today's post I wanted to do something a little bit different and show you my personal creative space. As I'm back at college now I have lots of work to get on with at the moment and as my studies are now creatively focused, the vast majority of my work involves doing independent experiments. I'm not one for staying at college any longer than necessary at this time of year so my bedroom ends up becoming quite chaotic with all my work. So today I thought I'd share with you my current creative space in my bedroom. I thought this would be interesting for anyone who like me studies and pursues a creative passion and anyone else who has a small bedroom who is trying to find ways to make it more suitable for them to focus and work in. I know that it is really off putting working in the same space you sleep in, but I don't have much choice and the thought of bringing every piece of paper I need to college all the time, is more than enough to make me cram everything into my bedroom. 

You'll notice that I've put 1.0 after the title of this post and that is because if you like seeing posts like this I will gladly do updates as I change up my room (which I do a lot) and also when I hopefully move out to uni and get my own house etc. 

You'll notice that I have a mirror on my desk that is leaning sideways onto my wall. I claimed this mirror when my parents decided they didn't like it being in our living room anymore. I have another mirror that I use for doing my makeup so this object isn't really for looking at myself for any reason. I decided to put it on my desk to break up my white wall a bit and I do think it makes my room look bigger, I also use it as a kind of cork board in that I use washi tape to stick up important information, which at the moment is mainly related to my work or applying for university. 

The other day I picked up some of last year's work from college which are these framed black and white photographs you can see, I don't really have anywhere else to put them at the moment so I've scattered them around my desk which I actually think looks pretty good. As you can see I have a Moleskine sketchbook leaning up against one and also some other little notebooks and materials. 

On the surrounding white wall above and around my desk I stick up anything that inspires me, and at the moment relates to the kind of work I'm doing. I have also made a digital collage using the website PicMonkey, of work I've found on sites such as Tumblr that inspires me, so that whenever I turn on my laptop I see an abundance of work that I love which I do find really motivates me to create things.  

I also have a little DIY I created that hangs from my ceiling. To make it I simply bought some string and some miniature wooden pegs that I found at a DIY shop, I tied the ends of a piece of string to some rounded hooks I nailed onto my ceiling and then attached some bits of work I've made in the past such as photographs and prints. I'm hoping to create a DIY post soon so you should get to see my creation in more detail along with some others!

As a photography student a big part of what I do involves using a computer and software such as Photoshop and Lightroom. I'm currently using a MacBook Pro which I find ok as it comes with IMovie and is obviously a pretty decent computer for editing softwares. Some of you however will remember that I was an IT student for a year and it's safe to say I have a few issues with Apple computers, especially mine as it's broken countless times and it cost a lot in the first place. 

Finally I have my mug which I use to store my art pens, my camera remote and also the attachment that connects my camera to my tripod. If you're wondering what I keep in my little white desk, it's mainly notebooks, camera equipment (such as my film camera and rolls of film) and other materials that I may need for my work. 

So that's everything that is currently filling my creative space. Apologies that my desk is pretty messy, I did tidy it up a bit but I figured you wouldn't mind as you can imagine this desk is messy most of the time anyway as I do work on it a lot. 

If you'd like to see more artsy posts like this do let me know below, thanks for reading!