Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A Day of Culture.

Hello again. Today I thought I'd share some photos I took yesterday and tell you a little bit about my day. Me and my sister are applying for creative undergraduate degrees in the next year, so to prepare ourselves we've been visiting Universities, Galleries and other events that will help inform us about our choices and the subjects we are interested in. So yesterday we decided to get on a train to Liverpool and explore the galleries and museums there in the time we had. 

We first went to the Walker Gallery which I really recommend having a look around. They have a really interesting exhibition on at the moment called Reality and also one showing prize winners which includes a painting by David Hockney and a piece by Claude Heath. We also had a look around the Tate Liverpool and even though we didn't pay to visit the Jackson Pollock exhibition, which everyone in the art world seems obsessed over at the moment, we looked around an exhibition of work by Geta Bratescu which I found really inspiring. There is also the Constellations display at the Tate Liverpool which has some amazing pieces scattered around the two floors, including a painting by Renoir, photography by Wolfgang Tillmans and plenty of sculptures including works by Man Ray and Louise Bourjeois.

We also explored the Museum of Liverpool and The International Slavery Museum. So yes we did pack a lot into our day but we still had a chance to relax and eat some food in the evening before we caught a train home. We also tried bubble tea for the first time which was very strange, it tasted nice and reminded me of chocolate soya milk, but we tried this coconut jelly in it as you could pick a topping which ended up being these weird squishy lumps that you'd have to eat with every sip of your drink. 

Peter Getting Out of Nick's Pool // David Hockney

Untitled (Yellow Ochre) // Fiona Rae

Buying sweets for the train journey home

We had such a lovely day in Liverpool and luckily the weather was great too. If you'd like to see more of my photography click here to visit my Flickr page. Thanks for reading!