Tuesday, 15 September 2015

7 Things To Start Doing Now I'm A Young Adult.

For those of you who do not know (which will most likely be the majority of you) I will be twenty soon, and although I am still in college thanks to my indecisiveness, I am technically a young adult. I suddenly realised this whilst out with a few friends the other day. It was mostly people I had either been to school with or college with two years ago, so the slightly more mature topics of conversation I was having with these people that I remember joking around with a few years back was a bit surreal, and it made me realise how quickly the past few years have gone. 

I think for me I notice the disappearing of my adolescence most, on days where I have nothing specific to do. As when I was younger having a free day was great and I easily felt so happy just doing nothing and relaxing. However now I'm older doing nothing all day is weirdly stressful, I feel like I should be contributing to my future by any means necessary. This may be down to the fact that I am an incredibly stressful person anyway, however things do get pretty serious at this point in your life. In my mind I should be at university right now, so still being at college means I feel like I'm more relaxed than I should be on the daily and that I'm falling behind in some way with my future goals.

But anyhow I gave this post a specific title for a reason, and that is because now I'm at this age I wanted to share a few things that I want to start doing now I'm at the beginning of my adult life. This post has a bit of a Bridget Jones vibe to it, but I genuinely think doing these things is going to keep me busy, motivated and more fulfilled in the coming years. This list is obviously more of a personal thing than advice today, but feel free to share anything in the comments such as your own little list or anything you can suggest to me if you are older than me. So lets get into it!

1. Cook

I already cook quite a few meals for me and my sister, however they mostly consist of pizza and pasta which doesn't take a lot of skill. The thought of University and having to cook meals for groups when I get older means I really want to take advantage of the time I have now to add an array of interesting recipes to my repertoire. I've already made accounts on websites such as BBC Good Food and have saved a bunch of recipes that I'm really excited to try. My current goals are to make a healthy but delicious curry from scratch and to try a more exotic seafood recipe.

2. Exercise

In the past few years I've found myself getting less active with the exception of short periods of dieting and fitness. I'm at a stage with my weight now where I simply want to focus on being healthy and fitter, rather than obsessing over calories and sizes. I don't mind being a bigger girl anymore but I am determined to get into a habit of exercising and enjoying it, because if anything I'd like to be fairly toned and be able to walk up these hills in Sheffield with ease. So far I've hooked my bike up to one of those trainers in my kitchen so I have an exercise bike for the colder months, and I also want to take more advantage of being right next to the Peak District, which means impromptu bus and train journeys out into Derbyshire for walks and photography sessions!

3. Read

For most people this isn't something they need to remind themselves to do, but honestly I've always found it really hard to get into books. I read blogs of course and plenty of online articles and one I came across the other day was talking about the importance of reading and how it can make a huge difference with your education and working life. So of course I couldn't ignore it and I've actually found a book for me! I've realised that my problem with reading in the past was that I always went for fiction, I'm a really visual person so I guess if I'm going to get immersed in a story it's most likely going to be on a screen. So I've come across a non fiction book called After Photography by Fred Ritchin that I'm already a third of the way through. Filling up bus journeys with reading and doing further reading into subjects I'm interested in is something I wish I'd thought about doing sooner.

4. Continue my passions outside of College/Uni/Work

So this is continuing from my last goal slightly but for me personally with photography I never want to feel limited to taking photos, learning about the subject and perusing projects solely for my educational commitments, or to fulfil a client's needs etc (slightly ambitious I know). Even now with coursework looming I want to do my own exploration and reading on my subject of interest. Even if your passion is more academic, I think this can apply to you too in terms of reading, checking current issues and news relating to your subject and even writing about it and sharing your opinions through blogs and forums online. I think even at a work/academic level continuing your interests for purely personal and recreational reasons will benefit you massively.

5. Make An Effort To Stay In Contact With Friends

Coming from a 19 year old this may seem a bit strange but recently I've felt the need to go for drinks and catch up with friends from back in secondary school and other colleges I've been to. Not everyone is going to want to do this but I do think for me it's nice to keep in contact with people I have memories with and do fun things with them every now and again. I am by no means a socialite or in desperate need of expanding my social circle, but I do think it's going to be nice to still be in contact with a few people from school/college when I get older. 

6. Eat More Fruit and Vegetables + Look After My Skin

I've decided to put these two together because I think they fall under the same category of 'looking after myself more'. I think in the latter half of your teens it can be very easy to go wild with being fully responsible for what you eat, I'm talking lots of fast food with friends and taking advantage of way too many deals on crisps and chocolate at your local shop. Maybe I'm generalising slightly here but personally I've been feeling the need to bring fruit and veg back into my diet in a major way and I've also been making sure to drink plenty of water which I always used to forget to do. I also have been terrible at sticking to a skincare routine in my teens, especially when it comes to taking off my makeup at night which could explain a lot of my skin woes in teen years. I think older me will appreciate making more effort in these departments, and when it comes to eating healthier food I think I'll be best restricting the less healthy foods for when I'm out with friends.

7. Become an Organised Person

One thing I really want to get into the habit of doing is using calendars properly and planning my days in diaries. Time management is something I've been pretty bad at in my teens especially when it comes to academic work. So now I'm thinking of heading to University and getting a job I think now is a great time to start getting organised.

And that's everything I have for now. I apologise for this being quite a lengthy read but I guess I really wanted to justify everything for myself and your lovely selves. If you have any suggestions for my list be sure to comment then below. Thanks for reading, have a great day.