Thursday, 27 August 2015

My Favourite Place In Sheffield.

 Today me and my Dad decided to go out for the afternoon and catch up a little. He's been working a lot recently and him and my Mum also went on holiday a couple of weeks ago so it was nice to spend some quality time with him. We went out for lunch and we also went to my favourite place in Sheffield which is the botanical gardens. It's ridiculous how many times I've been there and shared photos with you that I've taken there, but it really is a beautifully curated place that sits in my city and it really does inspire me and take my mind off of everyday stresses. I officially have one week left of my summer break so the next few days are going to involve me making the most of whatever warm weather we can get here in the UK. Thanks for visiting my blog today, I know I'm not doing great with making posts at the moment, I'm kind of having a creative block and I think I'll feel better once I start getting focused at college again. Hope you like my photos and are enjoying your summer.

The rose garden is so beautiful this time of year.

Went for a Wetherspoons. I had a chicken burger and my Dad had lamb rogan josh

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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Urban Outfitters Home Wishlist.

Now I've finally collected my A Level results I finally feel like treating myself. I got an A in photography so I think that is the perfect excuse to splurge on a few treats. I haven't actually bought myself anything in so long and after sorting out my bedroom (aka binning so much stuff) the other day, I figured it's about time I updated my room a little with a few decorative pieces. I've been browsing a few blogs and websites and have fallen in love with so much stuff online, so I've decided to put together a few wishlists to share with you all. 

I definitely do not have a set style with my interiors, however the walls and furniture in my bedroom are all white, so I've taken some inspiration from Gh0stparites and have decided to look for pops of colour through duvets, curtains and other objects to give a real cute and colourful vibe to my bedroom. Being into photography I've already got a lot of frames and photos stuck to my wall, so soon I should be sharing a lot of photo DIYs with you all! And I'm also going to put a wishlist together of all the photography stuff I still want to get, to decorate my room with!

1. Cabbo Copper Letter Basket £35 // I have a very small bedroom and always find stacks of paper building up on my surfaces. Copper is very on trend at the moment and I think it looks so cute especially against white furniture. I will say now that I do think Urban Outfitters are mostly overpriced, but a lot of these picks simply serve as inspiration as there will be places that do these kinds of products a lot cheaper.

2. Baines and Fricker Cactus Cushion £50 // I have a mild cacti obsession it has to be said and this cushion is just so cute. I have a little cacti garden on my window sill next to my bed, so I think this cushion would look adorable sat below my cacti garden.

3. Elephant Lamp in Mint £30 // Mint is my favourite colour and I'd love to just decorate my room with copper and mint bits and bobs. I've been needing a proper lamp for ages because all I use is my illuminated mirror if I don't want my main light on. So yes a super cute mint lamp would definitely be justified in my bedroom.

4. Urban Grow Terrarium Planter in Gold £35 // I'm not sure I even need to justify this one (I mean look at it) . My current cacti garden is in a regular plant pot and I'd love to move them into one of these, I just think these planters are beautiful. If I had more room I'd love some hanging ones as well.

5. One Line A Day: Five Year Memory Book £11.99 // I am absolutely terrible at keeping diaries so when I saw Zoella mention this in one of her vlogs I just knew I'd have to get it at some point. It's pretty self explanatory, each page is a day which has five lines for you to write something on that day for the next five years. It sounds great because it's so simple and requires so little effort, and you can see how you were feeling or what you were up to on any day a year or so ago. I have to say this is definitely the one thing on this list that I will actually end up getting.

6. I Don't Care Mug £9 // This mug does seem a little aggressive but I just find it so funny. Mainly because I can imagine myself drinking out of this first thing in the morning when I genuinely don't want to talk to anyone. I'm also thinking ahead a little because I'll probably need to get myself a mug when I hopefully go to university next year. A sassy girl needs a sassy mug... haha.

And that is everything for this little wishlist, comment below your favourite item or any other shops I should check out for home bits!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Pesto + Spinach Pizza Recipe.

The pizza lover in me is very much excited for today's post, as I have another pizza recipe to share with you all! I've already shared with you how I make my 10 minute pizza dough however after having the most amazing Papa Johns the other week, I suddenly realised the magic of putting pesto on a pizza (totally recommend their Mediterranean pizza btw). So I googled as one does for pesto topped pizzas and came across some very healthy suggestions. Normally that would completely put me off because I feel with pizza you go full on or you go home, but I decided to just try replacing the tomato sauce element of pizza with pesto and it ended up being beautiful. 

Fair warning if you don't like basil you probably won't like this, however the baby spinach that I've included was so subtle and the pesto and the mozzarella is just such a heavenly combination. I'm definitely going to be making this much more and it may even replace my obsession with my pepper pizza topping. So yes guys this is a good'un.

So here is the recipe in full... Please note that everything of course is optional, you can add whatever you want and if you'd prefer to use yeast in your dough and let it rise that is completely fine. This post is more me sharing the beauty that is pesto on pizza rather than anything else. 

Pesto and Spinach Pizza

2 Cups of Self Raising Flour
1/2 Cup of Water
Olive Oil
1 Mozzarella Ball
Cherry Tomatoes (optional)
Garlic (optional)

1. First grease whatever you will be cooking the pizza on with a little oil (I use a griddle but any oven tray will be fine). Then in a mixing bowl add the water and a drizzle of olive oil into 1 cup of the flour and mix. Then add as much of the remaining flour as you need to make the dough none sticky (so you can roll it). Now roll out your base and put it onto your baking tray/griddle. If you want to make a garlic base simply grate a clove of garlic and knead it into your dough before rolling.

2. Next preheat your over to 200 degrees celsius/180 fan. Now spread your pesto onto your base. I only used a handful of spinach on my pizza but feel free to use as much as you have as it will shrink. To prepare your spinach put it on a microwave safe dish and cook it for up to two minutes. Then squeeze out any excess liquid and finely chop it and sprinkle over your base. Now add your mozzarella, tomatoes and anything else you want on your pesto pizza.

3. Finally put your pizza in the oven and it will be finished in 10 minutes! Told you it's quick.

Thanks for reading and good luck if you decide to make this, it really is delicious x

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Summer Lip Picks.

It's no secret here on this corner of the internet that lip products are my weakness, and when summer comes around I quickly switch up the lipsticks in the top drawer of my desk (where I keep my most used makeup) for some more bright and summery lip options. Today I thought I'd pick out some of my current favourites for you to give a little colour inspiration for your look this summer. I know I'm a little late to the party on this one, but I just don't want to miss out on sharing the lip products I've been loving so far this summer with you all. Be sure to hover your mouse over the products mentions for links.

Balms // EOS Lip Balms

Comment below your current favourite lip product!

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

An Afternoon With Stef.

Yesterday I had one of those special summer days, where you don't make any real plans but end up doing something really nice anyway. Well yesterday I just planned to get get some photos developed and do a bit of shopping, but instead me and my sister Stef decided to go to the botanical gardens here in Sheffield. If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know how much I love this place, my sister being the artist that she is brought one of her handmade sketchbooks to draw in, we also ate churros and of course I was taking photos the entire time.

Top: Henry Holland //  Skirt: Gracie Airs Vintage //  Bag: Accessorize  
My first ever churros.... I was not dissapointed

I hope you are enjoying your summer, thanks for reading x

Monday, 3 August 2015

How to Cheat Eyeliner

Hello again, I'm back with a beauty post today and I'm genuinely quite excited for this one because I'm finally sharing my trick for cheating eyeliner. Yes today's my post is for anyone who like me, cannot apply eyeliner for the life of them. This trick isn't going to give you a cool cat flick or anything crazy like that, but these tips will help you define your eyes and give the appearance that you've actually made the effort to put eyeliner on properly. 

1. First of all you're actually going to need eyeliner (crazy I know). But instead of applying your eyeliner on your upper lash line, you will be applying it to your tight line. This is your upper waterline so to speak, it may seem a bit strange to apply eyeliner here but it gives easy definition to your eye which you will really notice. 

2. Next you're going to need some black eyeshadow and a brush thin enough to let you sketch a subtle line with your black eyeshadow where you would normally apply your eyeliner. You can dampen your brush first to help you be more precise but personally I like to blend my shadow out a bit so it doesn't look super precise. 

3. Finally apply a mascara. I do actually have a recommendation for this one which is the Bourjois Liner Effect mascara. This claims to create an effect of eyeliner on the lashes and it does work well I have to say and I've been using it for ages. It's mainly to do with the brush which really helps work more product into the bottom of the lashes giving the illusion that you have eyeliner on your upper lash line. The formula of this mascara is also really good as it doesn't make my lashes clump at all.

So there you have it, 3 simple steps to cheating eyeliner. Comment below any makeup tricks you have!