Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Cambridge | A Postcard // Video!

Hello again, I have another video for you all today. At the end of June I was lucky enough to go to a summer school at Cambridge. I got to attend lectures and social events so I was very busy as you can imagine, but I managed to capture some bits of footage to create a little video postcard for you all of my stay. I had such a great time down there and its really helped me with my thoughts on University. If you take anything away from my little video I would like it to be that sometimes you have to find your own opportunities in life and sieze them. I wouldn't have known about this summer school at all if I hadn't researched about other summer schools and asked my teacher to look into art history opportunities for me. Before I knew it Cambridge were sending me the tickets for the programme and I've been completely inspired by my experience. 

I hope you enjoyed the video, have a great day!