Wednesday, 15 July 2015

10 Facts About Me.

Hello again, since I last did a post like this I must have only had around 30 followers. So I figured as a lot of you may not have seen my last "facts about me" post that it would be fun to do an updated one. I'm not the most fascinating person on the planet, but hopefully this will be a nice post to help you get to know the Emily behind Emmihearts a bit better.

1. I love photography // If you've been reading this blog for a while that probably goes without saying. I've always loved visual art from a young age and taking photos on my cheap Lumix digital camera, but I definitely grew into this passion of mine. I never felt good enough at art or photography despite loving it when I did GCSE art, but thankfully blogging has made me realise just how much I love taking photographs, and I am planning on persuing the subject at university.

2. Pizza is my favourite food // A very common fact I know but pizza is seriously my weakness. I have it at least once a week and I make it from scratch. My favourite toppings are tuna and my own special peppery topping which includes red, green and orange peppers, jalapenos, and onion.

3. I'm an introvert // I've always been very shy and not an open book at all. I do have anxiety as well but I've always been one of those people that is much more satisfied with one or two very close friends rather than having a big friendship group. It also means my school reports in primary school were filled with comments such as "could get more involved in group discussions", despite my grades always being fine. 

4. I've previously lived in Scotland and Kent // Although I was born in Sheffield and live back here now, I have travelled to and lived in the north and south of Britain with my parents.

5. My music taste is pretty varied // Being from Sheffield the Arctic Monkeys are one of my favourite bands and I love rock and alternative music, however I have a real guilty pleasure for eighties music... and Taylor Swift (life's too short to deny how catchy her songs are).

6. I'm at my third college // Arguably not the most character defining trait, however it's taken me a lot longer than some to realise what I want to do with my life. Anxiety has meant I've escaped situations I didn't think were for me and I'm glad it's worked out this way. Luckily for me my grades have never suffered, it's just a bit depressing sometimes considering many of my friends are already at university. But I'm now doing subjects I love and I can't wait to finally finish college and start working towards my career.

7. I love visiting galleries // Yes I'm one of those people. I have a real appreciation for art and love dragging people to exhibitions with me, as a creative person visiting galleries really helps inspire me. 

8. I love the outdoors // I must get this from my parents because they always used to take me and my sister out into Derbyshire when we were younger for walks. Nowadays I love cycling and bringing my camera with me. I do get stressed a lot so being outdoors just helps in so many ways. Little bonus fact for you my ideal date would be a long walk somewhere pretty accompanied by a little picnic, I'm simple I know.

9. I have a fear of dogs // I've actually talked about my fear on the blog before so if you want to read more about it click here!

10. I love to watch comedies // My Dad raised me and my sister on comedies such as Blackadder, Dad's Army and Father Ted, so I love a good comedy. My current favourites are The Office (US version sorry), Gavin and Stacey and Modern Family, and I always have one playing on my laptop when I go to sleep at night. 

Thanks for reading, comment 3 facts about you down below!