Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Lands End.

Hello again. I'm currently sat typing this at midnight pondering over how I did in my first exam, which was yesterday I'm guessing for when you'll most likely be reading this. It was my my first A2 psychology exam and I think I did ok, but we'll have to wait and see. Moving aside from all that stress the past weekend has been so lovely. I went to the Derby open day on Saturday which was really nice and I will most likely apply to go there. However yesterday I visited Falmouth university all the way down in Cornwall and it is just perfect. 

Me, my Dad and my sister drove down to Cornwall and stayed the night before the open day. We set off at 3 in the morning that day and got to Lands End at around 11am which is pretty good I guess although it was a Sunday. Living in Sheffield means I haven't really had much of a chance to explore the south west of our country and it was lovely to visit such a beautiful place, especially as the weather was so darn hot. 

I've taken a fair few photographs as we went to a few places on our short visit. But today I thought I'd share my first set of photos which I took when we visited Land's End. I can now say I've visited the most Westerly part of Britain and a short while after we visited Lizard Point as well which is the most Southerly part of mainland Britain. 

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