Sunday, 10 May 2015

Two Spring Days // Video!

Today I am feeling very excited as I'm finally going to share my first video, on my new Youtube channel! As I've explained in one of my previous posts, I'm taking more of a creative approach to my content without me talking at a camera as much. I am a fairly shy person, however I'd much rather express myself in this way anyway because as you know, I love photography and anything remotely creative.

My first video is something I filmed a few weeks ago in April. I had two lovely days out with Stef so instead of just taking photos I thought it would be a nice to get some shots together for a video. I would definitely like to make more of these kinds of videos in future as I really enjoyed putting this together, and with practice I'll hopefully get much better at this. I'm also planning on making some other kinds of videos including beauty and lifestyle advice. 

Anyway I hope you like my first video. Thanks for reading x