Saturday, 30 May 2015


I've not had a lot of me time recently as I've been stuck inside revising most of the time. These weeks leading up to my psychology exams have been very stressful and I'm having to teach myself most of the work at the moment. The thing with stress for me personally is that it builds quickly without you even noticing it. You just get on with what you need to and all of a sudden it hits you. I missed a day of revising because of my sister's birthday celebrations the other day and I was really glad to. We had such a nice day out, but the day after I got to college and looked over everything I still need to teach myself, let alone revise for these exams. I just panicked and had to go home, I curled up in my covers, cried for a bit and watched five episodes of Gossip Girl (cause doesn't everyone do that when they're sad). 

Exams are tough. And at that moment in time they are such a big deal and such a lot of pressure. The build up is like running a marathon. You know it will end soon enough but it is such a long and stressful climb. There aren't any benefits along the way, you just have to keep going and hope you do well. So I guess having that day of fun with my family was a great breather, we all have to take a break sometimes. It helps give us clarity and work out our next move. Cause in a way if everyone in a marathon stopped for a while, had some water and rested, they'd all still be at the same point, they'd just be better off for the rest of their journey. And at the end of the day just finishing a marathon is an achievement in itself.

But we all want to do our best and I completely relate to that. Everyone revises differently and the motivation alone is hard enough for most of us. If you are about to take your exams soon, I want you to take a deep breath and clear your mind. Think about your end goal, what doing well means for you and realistically what you can do at this stage to ensure you do your absolute best.

Stress is one of those things in life that can seem impossible to manage. I'm at a point with it where I just clench my fists, look up and say "I've got this". It's a silly little ritual but whenever I get flustered I just take a deep breath and do it, it gives you a second of clarity that is invaluable when bogged down in revision. Yes I still have my nerves the night before exams and get crabby when my Dad asks what I'm doing with my day, as I look up from my psychology books...

but this time will pass soon enough and once they're done I cannot wait.... because then I finally get to leave my house and enjoy my summer break. Good luck to those of you who've taken or still have to take exams x