Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Spring Snaps

I'm back wooo!
Hello again. I know it's been too long since I've blogged over here but I've finally got all of that coursework I was stressing about out of the way, and have returned with a few spring snaps for you all. Now that the weather is so nice, I've been making an effort to go out more, especially on my bike and I'm now even cycling to college (go slightly healthier me!). 

I don't actually have that many photos to show you ironically, and that is because I'm working on starting a bit of a Youtube channel. Now as exciting as it sounds I've decided to film little personal videos without me talking majorly, or trying to be any kind of Youtube personality. This isn't me knocking people who are brave enough to really put themselves out there on the internet, I'm simply just too shy and would much prefer to make more artistic videos that are more personal to me. So hopefully in the next few weeks you might see some video content from me!

As blogging goes, my whole blog what I like thing is still my intention with this blog. I definitely want to make this more of a personal/lifestyle blog now as I'm also focusing on my photography/art blog. Which (shameless plug) you should also check out if you are a creative like me, or would like to read about the galleries I've visited recently. 

Thanks so much if you're still following this blog and even acknowledge my efforts here. Blogging is something I enjoy so much, it's just a shame that college really gets in the way sometimes, get ready for my summer blogging frenzy xx