Saturday, 14 March 2015

Something New.

Today I have a little update for you all. As you may have noticed I haven't been blogging much on Emmihearts and that is mainly because I've had a lot of coursework to do for college, which of course I have to put first. I've also had a chest infection for over a month now which has just made me feel like death to be honest and I've just had no energy. When I created this blog nearly two years ago (wow though that is crazy), I solely intended Emmihearts to be a place for all things beauty and honestly I really have no motivation to write about makeup, skincare etc anymore. 

Because of this I've made a new blog called Emily + Her Camera, to write about photography and art that interests me, share tips and also share my own photography work there. I've already posted some content over there, so be sure to check it out if that kind of thing interests you, however although it does sound like I'm leaving Emmihearts behind, I don't plan to. Through blogging here, I've spoken to and interacted with people I never normally would have the opportunity to, and I am so grateful for your support and comments you've left me in the past two years, so thank you so much. 

My new intention with this blog is to post little snippets of my life, and share anything lifestyle and maybe beauty related that's making me happy. My coursework is going to ease off after this month, so my blogging will definitely get more to the pace it has been in the past. So yes I'm not abandoning this place, just starting fresh with my content. 

Thanks for all your continued support x

Emily + Her Camera