Friday, 27 March 2015

Quick + Simple Everyday Makeup Look

I haven't shared a makeup of the day with you all, in what feels like ages. So I thought today I would share a simple look that I've been wearing for college recently. I feel like I've been wearing this makeup for at least a month now, except for lipstick which I change up all the time. For me I like my makeup to be long lasting, have a decent amount of coverage, and not look too much whilst still complimenting my complexion and features. 

For my base I'm still religiously wearing my Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation, which honestly I can't imagine stopping using for a good while, or at least until I go for more tinted moisturiser type products in the summer. The coverage on this foundation is so good without looking cakey, and lasts all day long. For example I had to leave the house at five in the morning the other day, to go to London with my class and I didn't get back until around ten, and honestly there was still a decent amount of this product left on my face. 

For any extra coverage, which I usually don't bother with, I've been using my Wake Me Up Concealer from Rimmel, which is just a nice dewy concealer, which gives a good amount of coverage and doesn't cling to dry patches. For powder I've also been using my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder which I've recently gone back to after being left really unimpressed by the Benefit Stay Flawless Powder. 

When you're in a rush and like me prefer the more natural eyebrow look, I really recommend using a tinted eyebrow gel. Honestly I swear by these products and would generally rather leave the house without mascara on then not defining my brows. I'm currently on my second purchase of the Revlon Brow Fantasy Gel, which I really like, mainly because of the thin shape of the brush which makes shaping the brows seem effortless. 

For a good while I was really conscious about using my Naked 2 Palette, as it is my favourite eyeshadow product and not the cheapest either. This meant I would save it for nights out and special occasions. However the shade Tease, which is a matte light brown shade, is just the most perfect everyday, crease defining shadow, that I've currently been using it everyday in my crease and on the outer half of my lower lash line, to give my eyes some subtle definition. 

For my lashes I'm still using my Benefit They're Real Mascara, which is a personal favourite of mine. On my cheeks I've been applying a little of the Natural Collection Blush in Sweet Cheeks, which honestly I'm not sure if they still sell that shade, but it is one of my favourites and the formulas are so lovely and long lasting. 

And finally for lips, I always switch up my lip colour because this look is so simple that I can pick any lip colour I fancy and it will work quite nicely, even if I say so myself. I've currently been loving the shade Beige Trench from Bourjois which my sister bought me. It's a really cool toned shade that looks really off putting in the tube, but blotted lightly into the lips creates this really lovely, nude sheen, which I've been loving.

I hope this look has inspired your everyday makeup, I know how hard it can be to find a balance that makes you feel comfortable but not overdone. But just do what makes you happy and makes you feel good about yourself. Thanks so much for reading, comment below what makeup you're currently wearing on the daily x