Saturday, 21 February 2015

Memory Jar

Ok I know I am so late with this, but I was out shopping the other day and spotted this jar so I finally decided to start a little memory jar for 2015. I bought this food jar from George for £1.50, which really makes this little DIY so easy and inexpensive to do. I've been seeing these ideas on Pinterest for so long now and they seem like such a lovely thing to have, especially when you're having a down day and you can look at all your happy memories from the current year. I know I have quite a bit of catching up to do but I thought to inspire any of you who have started or would like to start a memory/happy jar, I would list some of the things I will be putting into my own memory jar...

- Tickets
- Funny moments or happy memories written down
- Little printed photos (PicMonkey has a Polaroid effect that I want to use for mine)
- Objects from your travels (such as the pinecone I picked up from a beautiful hike in the snow)
- Lyrics or quotes that inspire or have helped you
- Packaging from anything amazing you tried
- A record of an achievement you've made (even if you just write it down)
- Compliments from anyone that really made your day

Let me know if you have already started or created a jar of some kind, and let me know anything else you put in yours!