Saturday, 17 January 2015

Where's Your Sense of Adventure?

I was chatting to a friend the other night and she was asking me some really random questions like, what's the craziest thing you've ever done? And have you ever been really drunk? And it kind of made me feel alienated to a certain extent because I have always been very much an old soul and I just haven't done a lot of out there kinds of things that most people my age have experienced. My parents have always told me how mature I am and I really do take myself seriously most of the time. I'm also very introverted which means I don't really put myself out there to any great extent and I also do really struggle to identify and socialise with a lot of people my age.

Sometimes being this way does make me feel really boring and as if I'm missing out on exciting things but I've gotten to an age now where I just do what makes me happy and to be honest does anything outside of that really matter? Personally my aspirations in life are to master my passions and do things that I love to do, and if comparing myself to others and how they live their lives is going to make me feel crap about myself then I just need to stop doing that.

Excitement to me isn't being in a loud crowded place or daring to do something that scares me. Going to beautiful places and seeing new and interesting things is what genuinely excites me in life, doing something different and challenging myself to build myself as a person. I don't have a problem with people who like to go out drinking and do crazy things or what have you, that's just not what excites me in life and I'm not going to be any less happy without doing those kinds of things

I wanted to have a little chat about this today because it does get to me sometimes when people decide to comment on my life choices and what I do in my free time such as going out for walks and taking photos and I just feel I need to express that there are no set standards on how you should live your life and to never compare yourself to others.

So that is my not so little rant over. I was inspired to write all this after going out on Wednesday on the train to Derbyshire in the freezing cold to go walking. One of my friends was like, why would you want to spend you're day doing that? And I guess this post is my response. Anyhow I did have a lovely day out in the Peak District taking some landscape photos and it had even snowed a little so it looked beautiful. Here are some of the photos I took.

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