Saturday, 24 January 2015

Real Techniques Core Collection

Real Techniques Core Collection | £21.99

It seems like so long since I've sat down and just reviewed a beauty product, so today I thought I would review one of my Christmas presents for you all. I've wanted the Real Techniques Core Collection for so long now and literally just because I've wanted the buffing brush which every beauty person seems to adore, so when my Mum asked for some little beauty product suggestions for Christmas presents, this set quickly came to mind. 

The Real Techniques Core Collection contains four coverage brushes created by Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo over on Youtube. I personally love these brushes and with or without Samantha's name being on the packaging, these brushes are undeniably of great quality and well worth the price tag. 

The set comes with this case/stand for your brushes which is ok but personally I didn't need this to come with the products as I just put them in a pot with the rest of my brushes, and I genuinely have no idea where this case even is in my bedroom right now (small bedroom problems right there). 

I figured for those of you really interested in the contents of this collection I would show you all each brush individually and quickly give my thoughts on them. The above brush is the detailer brush and I have a feeling this brush is intended for precisely applying concealer to blemishes but I have been using it to line my eyes with black eyeshadow and this brush is just perfect for that. The brush itself is just perfectly small and thin while being dense enough to line my eyes more precisely. I don't think you can get any of the brushes in this set separately but I would say this is a lovely little bonus to getting a more base focused set of brushes as it really is great for little details.

The next brush is the pointed foundation brush which is the only brush in this set that I don't really use. I just have better brushes for applying foundation with to be honest and I think this is just a little too small and flat for me to bother using. 

This little soft dome shaped brush is the contour brush which I just think is the most versatile little thing. It's great for lightly setting powder around the t-zone, contouring, apply highlighter and blush and I do use this every day, but I generally use it for highlighter because it is so and small and light. 

I thought I would save the best till last as the buffing brush has quickly become my favourite thing for applying and blending my foundation. It is a dense but soft and fluffy brush that lightly blends out everything so quickly and I honestly can't imagine going back to my old brushes, although I do still use my stippling brush quickly to make sure everything is blended perfectly, but seriously the buffing brush is just where it's at for me now. 

Overall I think considering most of the Real Techniques brushes are around ten pounds each this set is great value for money and I do think some of the brushes in this set are real gems and totally worth getting your mitts on. So yes, lengthy review over I really recommend this set.

What are your current favourite makeup brushes?