Friday, 16 January 2015

2015 Goals

So I'm finally getting back to you all on my little bucket list for 2014. I started the year on a little bit of a low so it's taken me a while to get into the whole new year new me groove, that and as per usual college work is taking priority and even right now I'm procrastinating from doing some coursework, so you're welcome. However instead of one or two crazily big resolutions to achieve this year I've decided to create a more achievable list of goals to keep me motivated throughout 2015. So without further a do this year I want to...

1. Master a new recipe each month
2. Save up and buy a decent lens for my camera
3. Take my camera with me as much as I can and take more photos
4. Master my analogue camera
5. Go out on my bike 5 days a week during the summer
6. Completely redecorate my bedroom
7. Figure out what I want to do in the future and apply to Uni!
8. Improve my confidence
9. Produce blog content I am proud of
10. Go walking once a week

I'm really excited to see what this year brings. Yes college is super stressful at the moment as you can imagine but in July me and my family have an exciting holiday in Spain and maybe Portugal lined up and honestly I just have a good feeling about this year. I feel like I'm so much closer to finally deciding the direction to take with my future and I'm certain I will be applying for university this year!

Thanks so much for reading as always, I hope you're as optimistic about the year ahead as I am and be sure to let me know what resolutions you've set yourselves!