Thursday, 27 November 2014

What's In My College Bag

With blogging getting slightly ignored at the moment with all my college commitments, I thought I'd mesh the two together today and show you my college bag and everything I keep inside it. Most people would probably say I carry too much with me, but honestly my bag can handle it no problem and to me these are essential to carry with me. I got my rucksack two years ago as a birthday present that I'd requested specifically for college, because of this it's not sold anymore but there are a few slightly similar versions. Clearly style isn't a biggie for me like it was back in secondary school, but with all the books and stuff I need for college I just couldn't carry on lugging around a handbag all the time. 

In my college bag I keep...

1. My pencil case, which is essential for graphics and psychology. It sounds kind of childish but I really recommend buying some different coloured pens to make your notes more interesting and to help emphasise words. I've been buying these pens for years and they really help if you're more of a visual learner like me.

2. Beauty Bits. I thought I'd summarise these as we could clearly be here all day otherwise. I carry my makeup bag which I'm going to be updating you all on very soon but click here if you'd like to see what I was carrying around back in September time. I also carry hair bits like bobbles and hair pins, not to mention my mini hair brush which is such a lifesaver. And finally I carry some bits to help freshen up like my favourite miniature perfume which is Space NK's Laughter and also some wipes and hand sanitiser.

3. My Purse, for when I need money for supplies and lunch which usually consists of a trip up to Morrisons or Greggs which are about 5 minutes from my college.

4. Sketch Books, Planner, Paper + Psychology Folder. My graphics folder is A3 so I obviously cannot carry it in this bag but I thought I'd include it anyway seems I do still have to drag it into college with me 3 times a week. I'm thinking about showing you my sketchbooks soon so be sure to let me know if that is something that would interest you.

5. Phone + Earphones.  Because public places don't have the same 5 songs on repeat like my phone does.

6. Some Kind of Mints. Just cause I have a sweet tooth.

7. Water. And finally I carry a bottle of water in the side pocket of my bag at all times to keep me hydrated. I've been trying to lay off the coffee at the moment and honestly when I've made sure to drink enough water I'm just as alert and my skin is benefitting from it too I'm happy to say.

So that's everything I carry with me, would you pack any differently? Have a great day xx