Sunday, 30 November 2014


Ciate Pillow Fight Nail Polish | £9.00

So this is my first NOTD featuring a cat. I met this cutie yesterday at the Sheffield botanical gardens, I thought it was a dog at first because its fur was so thick and it came and sat with me and my dad for ages. Anyhow my cat obsession aside, today's NOTD is a wintery neutral nail polish that I'm already loving.

I got this miniature version of Ciate's Pillow Fight in their advent calendar last year and at the time I was never that fussed about it, but I've been on a neutral polish kick at the moment so this caught my eye straight away when choosing out a polish the other day. 

I do like the Ciate formulas from what I've tried. They last well and have a really shiny finish, but this shade does take three coats to become opaque which kinda sucks, but on the upside it has a thick brush that makes application so easy and it dries pretty quick too. The shade itself is a very delicate grey with a hint of lilac which I really like. I'm going to be wearing this a lot more this winter. 

What do you think to this shade?