Monday, 13 October 2014

The One With The Black Lipstick

So the other week I bought a product I never thought I'd go near, however I've been invited to a Halloween party at the end of the month so I decided to try out a black lipstick just to see how it would look on me. The thing about black lipstick is that it's such a scary shade, and it can look so unflattering. But owning even a super cheap black lippy can be really useful, especially at this time of year and this is why.

I thought about putting the lipstick on and photographing myself, but I thought just this once I'll spare you of that image cos' it ain't a nice one x
Barry M Lip Paint in Black | £4.49

One of my favourite things about autumn is getting out all my dark lippies, I don't own loads but I love a dark lip and having a black lipstick is so useful because it will make any lipstick darker! Yes that means your favourite pink lippy can be made more vampy for the halloween season, and it's as simple as using your hand as a palette. I've only had this Barry M lipstick for a few weeks and I'm already loving experimenting with it!

So that is my piece of wisdom for the day, do you have any cool makeup tricks?