Saturday, 4 October 2014

Sick Days

I have been so ill over the past week and I still am I'm afraid. I've been trying to be productive on my sick days but I'm sure you'll know how difficult that is when you're feeling rough. It's a lot easier to take pictures rather than sit and type an essay (I only managed to get 1 of my 4 essays done!) so I decided to take some pictures on one of my days off College to show you all what I do when I'm off ill and also to offer some advice on making yourself feel better when feeling ill at this time of year. So yes another one of my super random posts but I really have had the worst cold (which apparently my Dad brought back from Crete with him, cheers Dad) but hopefully this post has a little substance to it.

On My Sick Day I...

1. Have a duvet day (preferably in a double bed for optimal cosiness)

2. Wear the most minimal of makeup if I have to leave the house for anything (had to do some food shopping)

Homemade Banana Milkshake - 2 Bananas | Milk | Sugar
3. Try and eat foods full of vitamins to make me feel better

4. Take the necessary medication to make me feel better

5. Catch up on daily vlogs

Topshop Smock
6. Wear either pyjamas or a cosy dress

7. Drink Hot Chocolate

8. Watch Disney Movies + Comedies

Unfortunately I also had lots of college work to do but the steps mentioned are the things I genuinely do to make myself feel better on sick days. I still am very much under the weather but hopefully I'll be well enough to go into college on Monday, and if you are feeling ill too I hope you get well soon x