Friday, 10 October 2014

How I Blog | Your FAQs Answered!

I have a packed post for you lucky lot today. So grab a cuppa and get comfy cause this is most certainly going to be a lengthy read as I go into every detail regarding how I blog, including organisation, photography and how I keep motivated. Yes we are diving into every little detail today as I answer some of your FAQ's and show you everything I use to blog here on Emmihearts.

I decided to photograph my bed blogging set up as up until the last few weeks I haven't had a desk to work on, which has it's pros and cons, mainly being that my bed is comfy but it's easy to get lazy and cluttered with what I'm doing, thankfully all that has changed and I'm a lot more organised now.

When do you blog?

I'm organised in a lot of respects but when it comes to sitting down and actually typing posts that is where I fail slightly. I tend to get really motivated to blog after taking photos so I'll often take an afternoon to get some posts made up for the coming week, although sometimes I'll go on spare of the moment posts and my plans get shifted for a random impromptu post which are often the best in my opinion as they tend to be the most unique. I won't lie though I do procrastinate A LOT.

How long does it take to write a post?

Definitely depends as you'd expect, I am a ridiculous perfectionist so I can have drafts of posts sitting for weeks before I am completely happy enough to publish them. But to take photos, edit them and type up a post is something I don't really do at the same time. For example I took the photos for this two weeks ago, edited them the day after and am now typing it up but I haven't planned to publish this for another week or so, I don't do this with every post but I'm trying to be more organised from now on as I hate the idea of not having anything to publish one week because something's come up, which is more likely than anything to be college work at the moment. 

How do you stay motivated and focused with blogging?

This is a hard one for me because I often procrastinate especially when it comes to typing up posts, but to keep focused with it all I do plan posts in advance and have drafts made up with pictures already in them, so I just have to type them up most of the time as I do photograph in bulk when I can. To keep focused I make sure to take breaks every twenty minutes or so and drink plenty of water, writing a plan of what you want to write in a post is also really useful, especially if you struggle to say everything you want too sometimes like me.

Ok this is a little random but one thing I always do to keep focused is put my hair up in a bobble. I'm not one for believing in luck or anything but I always put my hair up when doing exams, I just notice a difference in how focused I am and even if it's just a placebo effect I've given myself it seems to work.

How do you keep organised?

I've been making a lot of effort in the past few months to get organised with what I do. I could ramble about this for a while so here is a list of all my tricks for staying organised:

- Writing posts I'm going to create on monthly calendars, both printed and on my phone
- Writing all my post ideas onto a word document
- Writing all the photos I need to take onto my phone's notes and on a word document
- Compiling screenshots of posts and pictures that inspire me in a word document
- Bookmarking other people's posts that inspire me
- Putting all edited photos into draft posts so I can add text later
- Creating outlines of what to write in each post draft

What template did you use for your site?

I've genuinely been asked this a few times so I just wanted to answer it again. I haven't paid for anything on my blog site or been given anything. I've been studying IT for the past few years so I'm pretty ok with HTML and the odd bit of javascript. But honestly It isn't difficult to create a simple site like mine, I use blogger so I've built Emmihearts from their simplest template so I can make my site look as unique and personal to me as I can. To create what I have now I took screen shots of sites and blogs I like the look of and have used them as inspiration. The best thing for me in designing my site was watching THIS VIDEO which shows you how to create social media buttons, it's useful because it shows you how to turn components into code which you can paste as a widget onto any part of your blog layout. 

How do I get more followers on my blog?

I get asked this a lot too and I definitely do not have any authority to advise you on this. Although I would say not to get bothered about how many followers you have. In the first few months of having my blog I got a bit fixated and worried about the few followers I had. It ruined blogging really because I was more focused on producing content that was on the popular beauty blogs then actually making posts I liked making and reading. So I really don't like checking how many followers I have all the time because I don't want that to motivate me, things like comments and nice interactions with other people are what motivates me and getting better at what I do, so please don't spend all your time checking your follower count because it really will take the fun out of blogging for you.

How do you take your photos?

Most of the questions I get about my blog are about photography, especially what I use. I have the Canon EOS 600D (T3i) which I picked as the only advice I had at the time regarding cameras came from Youtubers who tend to have this camera. If you are a newbie to photography this is a great camera to get started with as it has automatic and manual features, but I would like a new camera as I'm doing photography at college now and the 600d is a bit outdated and basic for what I need. 

Living in UK taking pictures is more of a battle with lighting then anything. So I don't really plan days to take pictures more wait for the best lighting and then take a tonne of photos in bulk. When it comes to beauty I do like seeing products being held, and with pretty backgrounds. If I can I do like finding some nice flowers to take pictures of products in front of but using magazine pages and patterned paper is also an inexpensive way to make your pictures stand out. One thing I would really like and might treat myself to for my birthday is some proper lighting. There are plenty of options on Amazon so I will probably get a small light from there as my bedroom is tiny.

Equipment I use:

- Canon EOS 600D
- Kit Lense (18 - 55mm)
- Tripod
- 2 x 16GB Memory Cards
- Wired camera Remote

How do you edit your photos?

I used to have an old version of Photoshop on my old laptop but at the moment I use a free online editor called Pixlr and I do really recommend trying it out. It has different editors, one of which is very much like photoshop and another which reminds me a bit of Picmonkey but a lot better. The express version has some really cool filters which I use on most of my photos. 

Thanks for reading, I hope this gave you a little more insight into how I blog! 

If you have any more questions leave them below or drop me a line through my contact page x