Friday, 26 September 2014

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

When it comes to shower and skincare on the high street Lush is where I go 80% of the time. I fully agree with the company's ethics and love their product innovations. They have some of the best scented products around with just as good quality. So as a way of showing my love for the brand I thought I would create a bumper post for you all with some information about the company and my top ten favourite products that I have tried!

About Lush

The first Lush shop was opened back in 1994 by husband and wife Mark and Mo Constantine in Poole (UK) under the name Cosmetic to Go and took on the Lush name in 1995. Before Lush Mark was a supplier for The Body Shop with a woman called Elizabeth Weir, they had made many recipes for bath and beauty products up until The Body Shop paid 6 million for the rights to Mark and Elizabeth's recipes.

Lush now have 830 stores in 51 countries! Selling unique and innovative handmade products such as soaps, bath bombs, bubbles bars and skincare products. All of Lush's products are vegetarian with the majority also being vegan and preservative free. Lush are also against animal testing and will not buy ingredients from any companies that carry out, fund or commission animal testing of any kind and test all their products on human volunteers before being sold to the public. You may have heard of the Charity Pot which is a cocoa enriched body lotion in which all the proceeds go to the charitable organisations that Lush supports in areas such as animal welfare, human rights and environmental conservation. 

My Favourite Lush Products

10 | FUN Yellow

A sweet vanilla play dough type soap product that can be used for bubble bath, hand wash, soap and shampoo as well asto make models while you're having a bath! 1 of 5 different colours in the FUN range but my personal favourite scent, a definite novelty product however it really makes for a fun bath - £5.00 for 200g of product

9 | Karma Solid Gorilla Perfume

A gorgeous orange and spices scent that comes in a solid form with notes such as patchouli, pine and lavandin and is perfect for keeping in your handbag - £5.00 for 12g

8 | Dark Angels Cleanser

A charcoal and black sugar face scrub perfect for those with oily teenage skin - £6.40 for 100g

7 | Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

A rhossoul mud and cocoa powder filled face mask which works to draw out the dirt and impurities especially in teen skin whilst moisturising and toning skin with tea tree and cocoa butter - £6.25 for 75g

6 | Tea Tree Water

A toner that uses the natural antibacterial qualities of tea tree to keep skin clear and refreshed. This is a great gentle product that can be used to get rid of any excess traces of makeup after cleansing and to refresh the skin - £7.50 for 250g

5 | Turkish Delight

A rose scented shower smoothie packed with cocoa butter and almond oil to soften the skin, I love using this for shaving and it smells heavenly - £16.50 for 200g

4 | Mint Julips

A gentle edible lip scrub that tastes of mint and chocolate, I use Lush's lip scrubs every day to smooth my lips out before applying a lip product and this scent is my absolute favourite! - £5.50 for 25g

3 | Ultrabalm

Lushes' version of Vaseline. This stuff is a great multi purpose balm perfect for when your skin or lips are feeling dry and chapped - £8.75 for 45g

2 | Mask of Magnaminty

A lovely smelling peppermint mask that can be used anywhere to clean, calm and clear the skin - £5.25 for 315g

1 | Rub Rub Rub Scrub

Hands down my favourite lush scent of them all packed into a refreshing body scrub with sea salt and lemon, if you have never sniffed this stuff, next time you pop into Lush you simply have to! - £8.50 for 330g

What are your favourite Lush products?