Monday, 3 March 2014

If All My Makeup Dissapeared

As a makeup obsessive it is very hard to get me to pick out my favourite products as I love so many, however in the bizarre event of all my makeup disappearing ever happen I've thought long and hard and have finally narrowed it down to what products I would rush out and buy first. Inspired by Estee from Essiebutton's video I have decided to share my product picks with you all as I love them so much.


For my most loved foundation it will come as no surprise that I have picked out Revlon's Colourstay Foundation for oily/combination skin. Honestly no matter what my skin does I always come back to this stuff. It lasts so well and doesn't make my skin shiny throughout the day. For powder it has to be Soap and Glory's One Heck of a Blott, honestly when it comes to pressed powders this baby is where it's at, I've tried to get on with the Rimmel Stay Matte powder that so many people love but it really doesn't come close to this. For concealer I've gone with an all rounder in that it works well on the undereyes and for covering blemishes. The thing I love about the Phwoarr Paint concealer so much is that it stays put and doesn't look cakey.

I talk about this blush way to often but honestly Sleek's Flamingo is a hard one to beat, I've had this since last summer and it doesn't look like it's been used much at all despite the fact I use it most days. This is because the pigmentation is amazing and I barely have to dab my brush in to get the right amount of product I need. The first makeup brush I would repurchase is the Real Technique's Expert Face Brush because it is so good for blending out foundation and concealer and is such a multipurpose brush, you could use it for cream blush and contouring as well, highly recommend.


I usually keep very natural with my eyes and my picks reflect this, my eyeshadow choice is the much raved Maybelline Colour Tatoo in On and On Bronze, as someone with oily eyelids this stuff has been a god send as it lasts all day long without creasing, not to mention how nice the colour looks on the lids. Mascara comes in the form of Benefit's They're Real which I use most days as it makes my lashes stand out and look crisp all day without looking too much or clumping. For my brow product I've gone for a personal revelation in the form of Maybelline's Brow Drama tinted brow gel which is perfect for those like me who struggle to shape their brows with powder or pencil, since purchasing this it's all I've used however I do want to try Benefit's version that they have just released.


For my pout picks I surprised myself with how natural I ended up going, I do love a bold lip and this really doesn't reflect that however when I'm in doubt I'll always go for one of these to. I am such an advocate of Benefit's almost sheer lip glosses and have been loving Dandelion since I treated myself to it for Christmas. What I love most about them is that they have a very thin consistency and aren't at all sticky. Finally for lipstick I've gone for my trusty Topshop Beatnik which is a super creamy your lips but better shade. My lips have been so dry and horrible recently and this is the only thing I've put on them.

So there you have it everything I would repurchase first should heaven forbid all my makeup disappear. Thanks so much for reading, comment below what your picks would be x