Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Get The Look: Metallic Eye

One trend that has really stood out to me this winter has been metallic eyes. I tried using regular eyeshadow but found the look a bit too much for everyday wear. So I picked up these two products from Boots and they are all I've been using since to achieve a metallic eyeshadow look.

First up for a more pigmented darker metallic eyeshadow I've been using the Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencil in the shade Gunmetal Glitz which retails for a reasonable £3.19. This goes to make a more smokey metal type look to the eyes which I've been loving recently as I've really been trying to experiment more with my eye makeup. The only negatives I have for this is that there are a few big bits of glitter in it and it can be difficult to sharpen. However I've really been liking the shade and it has been staying put all day with a primer underneath.

Next up is my favourite of the two which is Rimmel's Scandaleyes Shadow Paint in the shade Mercury Silver  which retails for £4.99. This product really is the definition of metallic eyeshadow in my opinion as it goes to give a very silver look on the lids. I really don't have any negatives for this product, the formulation is great, it lasts so long and there aren't any massive pieces of glitter in it. Clearly out of the two products this is the winner for me.

Thanks so much for reading, what do you think of eyeshadows like this?