Thursday, 13 March 2014

Free With This Month's Company Magazine

I've been reading Company magazine since starting my internship last summer, It's the only magazine that I have continued to purchase because the content suits me perfectly and I take so much inspiration from the visual layout such as the fonts and photography which have really influenced my content here on EmmiHearts so you can imagine my excitement along with the majority of the beauty community when Company announced that Zoella would be on the cover of the March issue. I think it is amazing to see the media take more notice of bloggers because it isn't exactly small scale anymore. So because I know a lot of you will be considering picking up this issue I thought I would talk about this month's freebie. A Company's own mascara appropriately named 'Company Lashes'.

If you like your lashes to make a serious statement then this is definitely not going to be something you are bothered about, however natural lash lovers unite because this is a good 'un. The brush has your typical synthetic bristles however it doesn't pick up a tonne of the product so this stuff does not clump the lashes at all. Simply adding a small amount of product to make them stand out. I think this product is perfect for everyday wear and I will be using it for college when I don't want to make too much effort with my makeup. The only downside of this product for me is that if you wear this stuff all day long from the early morning to late at night then you will notice a hint of the product on your under eyes.

Honestly I just wanted to share my excitement over the Zoella issue with you all however I do really like this mascara and think it matches a few of the higher end natural looking mascaras I have tried.

Will you be picking up this month's issue?