Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Double Body Shop Lip Balm Review

I've really been missing not posting lip product swatches and makeup of the day posts for you all recently as my lips have been so freakin dry I don't even know what is up with them. Because of this I've been resisting the temptation to wear lipsticks and have instead been getting through my oversized lip balm collection. I purchased these two lip balms from The Body Shop just before Christmas and definitely think now is the time to talk about them with you all, so here are my thoughts.

First up is the Born Lippy Plum lip balm which is a newer shade in their stick version of their Born Lippy Line. I've been wearing a lot of wine lipsticks this winter so was pretty intrigued to see if this is anything like the much talked about Baby Lips. The pigmentation with this stuff is pretty poor to be honest and really gives more of a tint than anything. However I actually prefer this stuff to the Baby Lips as it is actually moisturising and the scent is so nice just like blackcurrant flavoured sweets. For £3.00 I think this stuff is totally worth it and I'm definitely going to pick up some of the other shades, most likely the toffee one however that's probably cause having a toffee scented lip balm would be kind of amazing.

Next up is the Satsuma Shimmer Pot Born Lippy Balm which retails at a cheaper £2.00 than the stick versions. I just had to pick this one up as I am kind of obsessed with the whole satsuma scented range, I have the body lotion, body polish and perfume currently in my bedroom and will always buy bath products from that range when in The Body Shop. The lip balm itself is sheer you may be pleased to know and has a lot of shimmer in. I've been taking this product to the gym with me as it makes for a moisturising lip gloss type product. I will definitely be mentioning this product again in a school makeup picks type post as I think this would have been a perfect product for me when at school wanting to wear a little bit of makeup.

So there you have it, I really have been loving both of these products and really get why they sell so well. Thanks for reading x

Have you tried these products?