Thursday, 13 March 2014

Free With This Month's Company Magazine

I've been reading Company magazine since starting my internship last summer, It's the only magazine that I have continued to purchase because the content suits me perfectly and I take so much inspiration from the visual layout such as the fonts and photography which have really influenced my content here on EmmiHearts so you can imagine my excitement along with the majority of the beauty community when Company announced that Zoella would be on the cover of the March issue. I think it is amazing to see the media take more notice of bloggers because it isn't exactly small scale anymore. So because I know a lot of you will be considering picking up this issue I thought I would talk about this month's freebie. A Company's own mascara appropriately named 'Company Lashes'.

If you like your lashes to make a serious statement then this is definitely not going to be something you are bothered about, however natural lash lovers unite because this is a good 'un. The brush has your typical synthetic bristles however it doesn't pick up a tonne of the product so this stuff does not clump the lashes at all. Simply adding a small amount of product to make them stand out. I think this product is perfect for everyday wear and I will be using it for college when I don't want to make too much effort with my makeup. The only downside of this product for me is that if you wear this stuff all day long from the early morning to late at night then you will notice a hint of the product on your under eyes.

Honestly I just wanted to share my excitement over the Zoella issue with you all however I do really like this mascara and think it matches a few of the higher end natural looking mascaras I have tried.

Will you be picking up this month's issue?


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Spring Blush Wants

Spring Blush Wishlist

Before I get into my spring blush picks I just wanted to apologise for the lack of posts over the last few days. My laptop broke and I had not backed up my photos being the model IT student that I am. But honestly I've been so sad because of it, I love photography and since getting my SLR it has become I hobby I am very passionate about so losing every photo I've taken other than the odd snap I've posted on Flickr has made me very distraught indeed. I'm trying to remain hopeful that we can get the pictures off of the hard disk but my computer really suffered a fall (aka me accidentally whacking it off my bedside table while getting up for college) and won't start up so it's likely that I won't be able to. 

Anyway as I type up this post up on the MacBook Pro my mum bought me today (every cloud has a silver lining and all) I am on a spending ban which as the new season comes round is proving particularly difficult as I try to resist freshening up my makeup collection for the spring beauty trends. I always have a mental list of products I want to buy so I thought I would share the blushes I am currently lusting over for the spring season via my first ever Polyvore creation. Below are links to all of the products featured if you want to find out more about them! 

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Thanks for reading x


What makeup are you lusting over at the moment?

Sunday, 9 March 2014

14 Weeks of Fit #2 Healthy Snack Ideas

Being on a diet takes so much willpower for so many of us, not necessarily in the form of eating better foods but more resisting junk foods. Before I went on my diet whenever I would feel stressed or simply bored I would raid the chocolate cupboard and biscuit tin and before I knew it I had eaten a meals worth of snacks. Because doing this can steer you away from your diet path so easily I have put together a list of healthy snacks to fill your junk food cravings and inspire you all as I know eating healthy can seem boring and lack variation, but being on healthy diet is really what you make of it. So here are my healthy snack picks that I have been turning to when my cravings have kicked in.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Eva Chen's Beauty Tips

As you may know I've been been going through a bit of an academic dilemma. I've decided IT is not the subject for me and have been looking for subject and career inspiration from anywhere. I'm still unsure about what I even want my future career to be in however the idea of working for a magazine and using multimedia to write about things I am passionate about for a living have really started to appeal to me. 

I've particularly been reading all about Eva Chen and how she became Cheif Editor of Lucky Magazine, I've also been watching videos about what she does in her day to day work and I've really started to envy her job and aspire to be like her. She's so passionate about fashion and beauty and is so articulate with it. One video I've watched repeatedly in the past few weeks is this H&M video where they follow Eva around all her favourite beauty places to go in New York. She shares some of her tips and honestly I'm just transfixed by this woman at the moment. So I thought I would share it with you all.

Thanks for reading, I know this was a really random post but learning all about what Eva does for a living has really helped me know what kind of job I want when I'm older and because of it I've applied to do A Level Media next year alongside Photography, Business and Graphics. 

Thursday, 6 March 2014


Today's post is going to be a lot different from what I normally do but instead of putting a beauty related post together I wanted to talk about something more personal to me. Two years ago on this day one of my best friends took her life. As you can imagine it came as a massive shock to everyone that knew her including me. She was someone I looked up to and seemed so strong, but underneath she was struggling with depression which I wasn't even aware of until she passed. I also found out that I was her best friend which honestly made me feel guilty other than anything else, that I couldn't see the pain she was going through and that I didn't let her know how much she meant to me. 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Get The Look: Metallic Eye

One trend that has really stood out to me this winter has been metallic eyes. I tried using regular eyeshadow but found the look a bit too much for everyday wear. So I picked up these two products from Boots and they are all I've been using since to achieve a metallic eyeshadow look.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Double Body Shop Lip Balm Review

I've really been missing not posting lip product swatches and makeup of the day posts for you all recently as my lips have been so freakin dry I don't even know what is up with them. Because of this I've been resisting the temptation to wear lipsticks and have instead been getting through my oversized lip balm collection. I purchased these two lip balms from The Body Shop just before Christmas and definitely think now is the time to talk about them with you all, so here are my thoughts.

First up is the Born Lippy Plum lip balm which is a newer shade in their stick version of their Born Lippy Line. I've been wearing a lot of wine lipsticks this winter so was pretty intrigued to see if this is anything like the much talked about Baby Lips. The pigmentation with this stuff is pretty poor to be honest and really gives more of a tint than anything. However I actually prefer this stuff to the Baby Lips as it is actually moisturising and the scent is so nice just like blackcurrant flavoured sweets. For £3.00 I think this stuff is totally worth it and I'm definitely going to pick up some of the other shades, most likely the toffee one however that's probably cause having a toffee scented lip balm would be kind of amazing.

Next up is the Satsuma Shimmer Pot Born Lippy Balm which retails at a cheaper £2.00 than the stick versions. I just had to pick this one up as I am kind of obsessed with the whole satsuma scented range, I have the body lotion, body polish and perfume currently in my bedroom and will always buy bath products from that range when in The Body Shop. The lip balm itself is sheer you may be pleased to know and has a lot of shimmer in. I've been taking this product to the gym with me as it makes for a moisturising lip gloss type product. I will definitely be mentioning this product again in a school makeup picks type post as I think this would have been a perfect product for me when at school wanting to wear a little bit of makeup.

So there you have it, I really have been loving both of these products and really get why they sell so well. Thanks for reading x

Have you tried these products?

Monday, 3 March 2014

If All My Makeup Dissapeared

As a makeup obsessive it is very hard to get me to pick out my favourite products as I love so many, however in the bizarre event of all my makeup disappearing ever happen I've thought long and hard and have finally narrowed it down to what products I would rush out and buy first. Inspired by Estee from Essiebutton's video I have decided to share my product picks with you all as I love them so much.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

14 Weeks of Fit #1 Introduction

Before I get into this post I just wanted to apoligize for the lack of decent content on the blog this week. I've been busy and tired not to mention the struggle I've been having with lighting because of the dull weather we've been having in the UK. But enough with my excuses today's post is all about a post collaboration series if you will that I have put together with Fiona. It's called "14 Weeks of Fit" and I'm really excited to start this series, deciding to lose weight and get more healthy is a big decision that I've made recently and I know how hard it is to find motivation and stick with it. In this series myself and Fiona will be posting weekly till around June with diet and fitness related posts to help motivate and share our journey with getting in shape for summer, whether you want to be able to walk up a hill with ease or look good in your swimming costume we're going to be with you all the way.