Thursday, 13 February 2014

Photo Collages Using Pic Monkey

It has been so long since I've shared some of my photography with you all, I'm really missing it but honestly the weather has been so bad in the UK over the past few weeks that I really haven't dared taking my camera out for the day. So feeling a serious lacking in the photography aspect of my blog I thought I would share some photo collages that I've been making on Pic Monkey, which if you have never heard of it is a free online photo editing application which I use to edit pictures for the majority of my blog posts (otherwise Adobe Photoshop) .

I've been reading a lot of lifestyle blogs recently and have really become envious of the gorgeous scrapbooks that some of the bloggers have produced, however printing pictures is pricey and I simply can't afford to make anything anywhere near as fancy as these arty gals so turned to making these collages. I really like them as the site really let's you be creative with your creations and add text where ever, fancy filters and all kinds of other effects. For my collages I have mixed my favourite pictures with some random personal snaps to really capture the memory of the day.

I still have a quite a few of these to make but hopefully I'll be able to find a good use for them other than looking back at memories through, I definitely think I could have been more creative with these but as a starting point I think they look quite professional dare I say. I've been looking through online scrap booking websites so may end up with a decent scrapbook after all. If there is one thing I want to save up for in the future it is to get the heaps of photos on my computer printed and put into albums. I hate the idea that all the pictures I've gathered over the years could disappear so quickly being just digital copies.

Thanks for reading folks, comment below what you think of this collage idea and any creative ideas you have or use to organise photos x