Saturday, 8 February 2014

My Tips for Braiding Hair for a Wavy Hairstyle

When it comes to hair I have always been so boring with my hairstyles, I either have it straight, in a bun or I will plait it overnight. One of my mini beauty resolutions for the year is to experiment more with both my makeup and hairstyles however I have really got the knack of the old plait your hair overnight and wake up to effortless waves, so I thought I would share some of my tips to those who also prefer having an extra ten minutes in bed rather then styling their hair.

1. Decide How You Want Your Waves to Look

If you want more loose casual waves then make less and more loose plaits, if your would like more intricate waves make more and tighter plaits.

2. Damp Hair

To help your hair maintain the waves you've created make sure your hair is damp before starting, towel dried after shower hair works well for most people in terms of being able to dry thoroughly while in a plait, however for thicker haired girls like me I recommend spraying your hair with water to make it slightly damp just before plaiting. 

3. Put Leave In Conditioner Onto Your Hair Before Plaiting

This will help keep frizz and bay and hold a curl, any styling spray will do to be honest.

4. Separate Your Layers

If your hair does not have any layers cut into it then this tip can fly above your head, however if you do have different lengths of hair make sure you plait them separately so that shorter hairs aren't missed. I usually do four plaits, two for each side as my hair is two different lengths, this way I don't have random hair coming out of my plaits that won't end up being wavy.

5. Don't Brush Your Hair

To avoid your hair getting frizzy, don't use a hair brush to brush your hair when you take your plaits out. Instead use your fingers to lightly separate your hair.

6. Hairspray

This is a no brainer for most but make sure you use hairspray to avoid your wave disappearing throughout the day. 

Thanks for reading, comment below if you'd like so see more hair posts and any other tips you have for braiding your hair overnight x