Friday, 28 February 2014

My Month #2 February

February has been quite the month for my little blog. I've reached 200 followers through GFC and Bloglovin, had a lot more interaction with you all and have really started to mould the content I am producing to my personal tastes more. Obviously I want to make my readers happy and produce posts you'll enjoy reading, however being able to put passion into my content by being myself with it is also a big deal in keeping up EmmiHearts and enjoying creating content for you all. So what have I been up to this month? Well...

First up which has been well documented on here is my decision to try and lose weight. I only got weighed for the first time in ages on Sunday so I can't report any amazing results however I've joined my local gym and for the whole of February have been eating healthy, yes no sweets or junk food for the whole month I'm not even sure who I am anymore haha. 

Next up is some news I have on my course choices for next year. I keep bringing it up but honestly after having botched up my level 3 course choices two years in a row I've really been feeling the pressure to make the right decision this time. I am going to be applying to do A Level Media, Photography, Graphics and Business so I'm diving in at the deep end again if I get accepted of course. I've decided to listen to what everyone has been telling me and have picked choices that I think I will enjoy more than anything which I think is most important for me to be happy this time round. I'm yet to post my application form off but I will definitely be doing it in the next few days. I'm also probably going to get to sign off of my IT course around May so will be getting a job till the end of summer, honestly since turning 18 I just feel the urge to start earning my own money, mind you that could be due to the fact that Christmas cleared me out and reading all of these beauty blogs has grown quite a wish list of products that I want.

So overall I am feeling a hell of a lot happier at the moment. My health is improving and I am feeling a lot less stressed in regards to my education. My family went through a really rough time in December and January so It's nice to come out the other end feeling positive. Before I go off on a complete ramble fest which I easily could I'm going to stop here and say thanks for reading and making it this far. Have a great day!

So how has your month been? Comment Below x