Friday, 14 February 2014

My Hunter Wellies

Today I thought I would share some serious shoe love I've been having this winter with my Hunter Wellies. They are the only shoes I seem to have been wearing recently and people have started to noticed, so I just had to talk about my beloved wellies as they really are one of the best fashion investments I have ever made!

I bought my wellies for £70 just over a year ago and they have lasted so well that getting them out this winter felt as if I had just bought them. I have never been a fashion victim but when I first saw people wearing these things last year I simply had to buy a pair.

When I say I have been wearing these things constantly I am not exaggerating. Since starting to wear these again it seems so much effort to have to put on my other shoes in the morning when I can just slide my feet into these and know that they won't get wet should the heavens open which has been happening a lot in the UK recently. I'm not going to lie my friends keep commenting that I look like a farmer in them, especially when I'm wearing my green winter coat but honestly I'm just so comfy in these things that I don't care.

Now that I've shared with you all what I've been wearing constantly what about you? Comment below x