Sunday, 16 February 2014

Emmi Talks: Deciding to Lose Weight

Today's Emmi Talks post is all about the decision I made three weeks ago to make some much needed changes to my lifestyle in order to lose weight. Ever since the age of around 14 I've slowly become heavier and heavier. My Dad doesn't like having weighing scales in the house and because of this I am not completely sure how much I weigh but it is definitely over ten stone. Much of this is due to my frankly endless appetite and that admittedly I am an emotional eater and when stressed will often seek comfort in one too many chocolate bars.

However something hit me three weeks ago. I've really gone down a slippery slope with my health over the last few months and am losing self confidence and feeling a serious lack of motivation because of it. So three weeks ago I decided enough was enough and I decided that I need to change my lifestyle completely as it is really damaging both my physical and mental health. So for my first diet/fitness related post I am going to share all the changes I have made and am planning to make in order to lose weight. As a teen I know it is really hard to make changes like this because of friends, school and family lifestyle etc but I really have found some methods that can work around this.


First up is changing what I'm eating, which can be hard when you go out with friends and have parents that cook you food. However this is where it is important that you tell the people who care about you that you want to make these changes, they will understand, remember it's not just about how skinny you are it's also about the difference eating better can make to your health, general motivation and how you feel so don't be scared to explain your decision to them because if you tell them this way they will be supportive. I found it really hard to tell my parents at first because it is a scary thing to admit out loud that you need to change but they really understood and have been making the effort to get rid of any temptation that might send me off track. So here is a round up of my diet changes that I've been making:

Cutting Out Carbs:

I don't mean stop eating carbohydrates altogether but I've been trying to avoid foods like bread and crisps. Personally I've stopped eating both these foods altogether except for my cheat day once a week when I eat out with friends. But for the rest of the time I've been eating foods like rice and potatoes for energy. This is quite a dramatic change but I've mostly been doing this at home where it's easier to do.

Cutting Out Sweets: 

I have a serious sweet tooth so this has been a hard one to do, but honestly once you stop eating sweets for long enough you stop craving them altogether. I've also found since doing this along with my other changes my moods have been a lot better as eating a lot of sugar can really make you feel sluggish.

Drink Green Tea and Plenty of Water:

I know what you're thinking, it does taste awful at first but this stuff is amazing for speeding up your metabolism helping you with your diet. I watched a video on Youtube recently of a girl's weight loss story and she said the main reason she lost so much weight was the fact she'd been drinking 3 cups of this stuff a day. My tip for getting used to the taste at first is adding a tablespoon of honey rather than sugar to sweeten it. Drinking water is a no brainer when it comes to being healthier but it is so easy to forget to drink all 7-8 glasses a day, to try and stick to this I've been keeping a water bottle with me at all times. A lot of the time we mistake being thirsty for being hungry so remember the importance of being hydrated as it will contribute to being able to cut craving food.

Cooking my Own Food and Eating Slowly:

I used to think eating slowly to make you full quicker didn't work but since cooking my own meals and controlling how I eat I've been feeling full for once which I never used to. The trick is to chew each mouthful of food twenty times and drink a glass of water before you eat.

My Meals:

I now make sure my meals comfortably fit on a medium size plate and consist usually of some kind of meat or fish and vegetables sometimes with the addition of egg and I've stopped eating desert and instead replacing it with a piece of fruit if I'm still hungry. I'm planning on making a separate post with some meal ideas as I'm still experimenting with recipes, however there are so many online so just search some on Google if you are struggling for what to have. I've actually really started to enjoy cooking my own food and love experimenting with new recipes, it really makes you appreciate what you're eating and want to savour your food more.

Just remember there is a difference between eating less and eating more healthy. People who try and lose weight solely by eating a lot less generally gain back the weight quickly as their body goes into emergency mode whenever they do decide to pig out. I am saying this because my mum has an eating disorder and it is a horrible state to get into, getting obsessive about how much you eat. The changes I am sharing with you all is how to make what you eat healthier and to stop snacking on the wrong foods so please look after your pretty selves x


Making changes to what you eat is all good but making that extra step to lose that muffin top is about moving more. This as I know personally is quite daunting for an overweight teen like myself, so I am sharing how I have started to get more fit should you be searching for a way yourself.

Some fitness/healthy inspiration

How to Keep Fit Without Feeling Self Conscious:

This was the big question that I had when trying to decide how to start exercising more and it really starts at home. I have been going on my Xbox Kinect and doing 20 minute workouts on Your Shape Fitness Evolved which has some really great routines catered to all needs and fitness levels. I've also been doing some of the Blogilate's workouts on Youtube which are so good. Casey the trainer is so motivating and really caters for those who aren't used to doing lots of physical activity. General changes like walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift and walking home are also important to make if you can, just deciding to walk somewhere instead of taking the bus or car will make a massive difference over time and improve your stamina and your general mood.

Work Out in the Morning:

I've been getting up a lot earlier in the mornings before college so that I can do a twenty minute workout before having a shower and getting ready. This is so beneficial as it really wakes you up and It has made a massive difference to how much work I get done at college. The other day for example I got two presentations and a 2,000 word report done in four hours, I was on fire and stunned all my friends. It's also a good idea to get up early and do it in the morning if you don't want your family being around which I get a bit self conscious about personally, although I have managed to get my sister playing some of the fitness games such as Dance Central on the Kinect with me which has been really motivating.


I wasn't sure what to call this section but I wanted to touch on how I've been dealing with the emotional aspect that has previously caused me to comfort eat. Dealing with your stress and anxiety will make a massive difference to your diet efforts as you will find it a lot easier to fight cravings you have. I am in no way close to dealing with my stresses but I thought I would share what I am doing to start acting on them.

Freedom From Emotional Eating by Paul Mckenna 

Ok I know what you are thinking, Emily these self help books are a fad and they don't work. Well yes I do happen to know how non useful these books can be in the long term, but I did want to share this book my Mum got me as I have just started listening to the CD and using the DVD to deal with stress and honestly they have been working. I haven't finished the book yet and will need to follow the techniques for a little longer to see if they are beneficial in the long term, but I will review this book if you want me to because books like this are quite an investment.

I am also going to be seeing my sister's doctor once he gets back from Paternity leave as I do think I need to find out more about my anxiety and what help there is for it as the stress I get really does control my life. I will be doing a post about my anxiety, admittedly I've had a post in my drafts since October which is crazy but it is a really personal subject for me and I am going to try and get everything down that I want to say so I can share it with you all very soon as I know it affects lots of people.

So What About You?

I know that it's really hard to find the motivation to follow through with changing your lifestyle like this. If you did enjoy reading this post please let me know as I am thinking about creating a page on the blog so I can share my progress with you all and so you can comment with yours all in one place and we can support one another. I'm also thinking about creating at least one diet/fitness related post a week. Also if you would like to email me concerning anything I've talked about or ideas you may have for collaborations etc please do at and I will try and read them and reply as soon as I can.

Thanks so much for reading as always and making it this far, I know it was a long post but this is a massive change that I am making and really couldn't condense it, be sure to comment below if you like my page idea and if you would like to see more posts with advice or my progress etc x

Have a great day!