Thursday, 6 February 2014

Collection Cherry Pop Lipstick

I have been on the search for my perfect red lipstick all winter long so when I dug this baby out of my collection and dusted it off I was filled with hope that this would be the one. I used to wear this loads in secondary school where I had no makeup knowledge whatsoever so was intrigued to see what I would think about it now.

First up is the price, at £2.99 I can definitely see why I picked this stuff up when I wasn't so bothered about makeup because it is so inexpensive. I'm always willing to give cheap makeup a try but can often be left disappointed by the formulation. The real let down with this for me is that it is a messy product, it's one of those lipsticks that if you smudge it a tiny bit while applying it blows completely out of proportion, it also isn't very staining and transfers onto everything your lips touch. One plus I would give to the formulation is that it isn't drying however it doesn't really outweigh the staying power with this stuff.

In terms of colour this is where I have to support this product, it is the first non matte red lippy I've really taken to having on my lips as being super pale I find it really hard to find the right bright lippy, but I love the way this looks on me, I feel like it makes me look slightly tanned for some reason I have to admit.

So there you have it, honestly I'm really in the middle with this product but at the price I do think it is ok quality for your money, It definitely makes me want to try some other cheaper lipsticks. Thanks for reading, comment below your favourite red lipstick x