Friday, 31 January 2014

My Month #1 January

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I am currently writing this post from my kitchen table, I got back from college about an hour ago and checked my I-Pad after an exhausting push with my coursework only to be presented with the fact that I now have 100 followers on GFC which has really made my day I can tell you. I am also about to hit the 100 mark on Bloglovin as well so I'll be writing a special thank you post when that happens. But for now I really just want to say thank you for following and supporting my efforts here on EmmiHearts, reading your comments makes my day and I'm so glad I've kept up with this blog as even though it is tiny compared to so many I have found it so rewarding to post here and reply to your lovely comments. Thanks so much folks you've made my day by a mile x
So as the title suggests this post is all about my month. Last year at the end of every month I would round up my favourite posts to write for you all and as much as I liked doing that I definitely feel like I've been missing an opportunity to give you guys an update on what I've been up to every month. So feeling a little disconnected from you all I present a new name and a new type of monthly summary post. Like above I'll link my favourite posts and also give you guys an update on how my month has been! Simples.

If you remember back to my not being happy with my course choice post you'll know that I've really been in a rut this month. I've just not been content with my course at all and it has really been so demotivating trying to keep up with my coursework while not wanting to carry on with the qualification anymore. However I have been looking through college websites and reading University Prospectus' (thinking ahead) trying to find something that really interests me. So far I've taken to the idea of doing graphics however I'm really not certain. I've booked a careers advice meeting at my college so I'm taking the steps I need to.

It's a shame really that I've started this series this month as there isn't anything amazing for me to say about it. I have to admit I hit a real low at the start of the month, I won't go into too much detail but my sister has been really unwell recently both mentally and physically, she's stopped going to her college and the whole situation has really affected my family badly. I've really been missing out on social opportunities and generally being happy because I've been looking after her constantly and while she isn't in anyway getting mentally better. A lot of the physical stuff has died down so I'm hoping next month we'll get things back on track and learn to deal with it a lot better allowing me to feel like a young adult again and a lot more motivated with things.

My photography also came to a hault this month as the weather has been so bad and I've just been busy looking after my sister like I said. Next month I intend to use my Canon more as I really enjoy taking photography and sharing it with you all, I'm also getting better at using Photoshop which I want to take more advantage of in posts!

In more positive news I've recently started talking to my best friend again who I sadly drifted away from because we are on different courses and I'm not going to lie I'm a third wheel and it gets pretty sucky. I'm sleeping over at her house next weekend which should be fun and a great way to catch up as we really need to. I also am going to tell her about EmmiHearts which may surprise you all but honestly only my immediate family know I have a blog which seems crazy writing that as it is a main hobby and passion of mine to write. One of my resolutions this year is to have more self confidence and this is definitely a starting point. I'd love to share the my post pictures on Instagram that I am proud of and news on Twitter etc but I've been too self conscious. However reaching nearly 200 followers overall has really given me strength to start being more confident about myself including my blog of course.

So there's some news with me this month be sure to let me know what you think of this post idea, thanks for reading comment below how your January has been and whether you're still keeping to your resolutions!