Sunday, 19 January 2014

Lily Flame Snow Fall Candle

It's not often I will dedicate an entire post to something like a candle on EmmiHearts however I have been burning this baby non stop this month so it only feels right that I should share with you all the amazing scent that has been filling my bedroom at the moment.

The tin version of this candle which I own retails on the Lily Flame website for £8.50  however John Lewis also sell a bigger version in a transparent glass jar for £12 if that kind of packaging appeals to your better.

The scent of this candle is lovely and fresh with a hint of vanilla making it the perfect candle for this time of year I think. I am rubbish at describing scents so I recommend popping into John Lewis and giving this a sniff for yourself but it really is dreamy and whenever I'm burning it and someone walks past my room they always comment on the nice smell.

For those who have not tried anything from the Lily Flame brand I definitely recommend their candles, they have the cutest packaging, the most yummy scents and are really affordable and long lasting. Lily Flame is also a UK based company and all their candles are handmade.

Thanks so much for reading, be sure to comment below your favourite candle at the moment x