Monday, 20 January 2014

Celebrity Makeup Musings

I've been talking about trends a lot recently, however today I thought I would make a post more about my personal tastes when it comes to beauty. Specifically who really influences my style and makeup looks. I guess they are very mainstream however I do genuinely take inspiration from these people often in my makeup looks.

First up I'll start with the woman who brought me one of my favourite TV characters ever. Yes Miss Rachel Berry herself Lea Michele. This woman inspires me in general to really go for my dreams and pursue everything I do working hard and being a grateful person as I do it. She also has impeccable taste when it comes to her makeup and styling choices, which yes I know are often thought up by a team of artists and stylists however I definitely love the elegant girly dresses she pulls off and her her glowing more natural makeup choices.

Next up is a lady I just could not miss out who has really made her mark on the fashion and beauty world, yes big brows herself Cara Delevingne. It definitely bugs me how this girl can look as crazy as she wants and still look so beautiful, however I love her everyday grungy makeup that you can often see her wearing, keeping very minimal on all but her eyes and of course those brows.

Ah Lana Del Rey, I cannot even begin to describe my love for this woman. I could listen to her music all day long. Her makeup style in particular has changed up slightly from her ginger haired red lip days however she has always kept a very retro makeup style which I of course love taking inspiration from.

Foxes may seem a less obvious choice and while I don't really appreciate her music as much, I saw her on Never Mind the Buzzcocks a few months back and just could not take my eyes off her flawless eyeliner. Of course being useless with eyeliner myself makes this love of her makeup style pretty pointless,however I still envy every eyeliner look I see her rock, she definitely makes me want to pursue trying not to mess up my eyeliner when I put it on.

Finally is my music guilty pleasure. I think we can all agree if one lady can rock a red lip any day of the week it is Taylor Swift. I just love her style in general and constantly envy the looks she pulls up in on the red carpet.

So there you have it all the fabulous ladies who inspire me through the media in my makeup musings, I thought this post would be a nice more personal makeup post to write up for you all so I hope you enjoyed it, be sure to comment which celebrities inspire you with their beauty choices x