Friday, 24 January 2014

Beauty uses for Olive Oil

I've always loved reading about DIY face masks and home made body lotions etc but usually the ingredients lists are filled with random foods that I would never normally purchase so the idea of buying foods for the sake of a home made beauty product seemed kind of pointless. Olive oil is one product we are all likely to have in our kitchens without needing to go out and buy it simply for some natural beauty fixes, so today I am sharing some of my beauty uses for olive oil!

Makeup Remover - Simply put olive oil onto a cotton pad or a q tip and remove to remove any makeup, then rinse your face with warm water and your makeup has been gently removed, the oil also won't leave skin feeling dry like some removers.

Eye Care - Apply to your under eyes to brighten and moisturise them, also apply to lashes to improve their strength and make them grow quicker and thicker.

Bath Oil - Add around five table spoons of olive oil to your bath and you will come out with baby soft skin.

Stronger Nails - Heat up some olive oil till it is warm making sure it is cool enough to touch and soak your nails in it for five to ten minutes for stronger nails.

Moisturising Face Mask - Simply mix honey and olive oil and leave for ten minutes on the face and then rinse with warm water for moisturised skin

Hair Mask - For more shiny soft hair, mix 2 table spoons of olive oil with one egg yolk and 5 drops of lemon  juice and leave for ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Home Made Body Scrub - Whenever I run out of body scrub I simply mix olive oil and sugar together, depending on the sugar crystals you can get a super exfoliating scrub out of this which is obviously really natural and beneficial for the skin.

So there you have it six reasons to savour this multipurpose cooking ingredient. Thanks so much for reading and be sure to comment any additional uses you have for olive oil, I'd love to hear them! 

Have a great day x